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This seems to be an in-between question.

What I see is a lumber company would gladly cut and take trees for free. However they're not going to take the small stuff and they wouldn't mess with the stumps. Generally, if there are trees of size, you should have no trouble getting paid for the trees (of size).

You, on the other hand, would have to pay someone to clear everything.

So somewhere in between, you might get a lumber company to buy the wood, then, you would pay someone to clear. As far as the economics…I don't know…you might end up ahead.

The other problem would be that the lumber company may or may not want to (or remember to) cut the stumps high (3' to 4' off the ground.) Those who clear land prefer high stumps so the dozer has more leverage to push them over.

I would suggest having a timber company give you a quote for harvesting the trees. Then get a qoute for having the land cleared after the harvest and see what the numbers are. If you tell the timber company about clearing they may be willing to do that too for a big discount on the trees.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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