Bostitch - SB-2IN1 Brad Nailer/Stapler (Rating: 1)

I bought this at Home Depot about a year ago and so far it's been nothing but trouble! I wanted a stapler and I think this was on sale for $110.00 at the time. It was a brad nailer as well, but the stapler was the reason I purchased it as I already own a brad nailer. I didn't use it as soon as I got it home as I was busy with other things and I guess that was my mistake, if I had of used it there and then it would have been back to the store immediately.

It was a little over a month later when I finally tested it out and I was less than pleased; with brad nails it leaves a crater sized hole, which isn't a big deal for me as I have another brad nailer of a different brand I use regularly. My main issue was with the staples. In order to get the staples in you have to crack the magazine in half because the full one wont fit past the trigger and it wont sink a 1" staple flush into anything, be it melamine, plywood or even pine! I have a 60 gallon compressor, I usually run my pneumatic nailers at 100 psi, I cranked it up to 120 psi and still no change with the safety adjusted all the way up and the rubber protector off.

This is the first Bostitch product that I have bought and it has left a sour taste in my mouth. It wasn't as if this tool was a cheap brand or anything, I would expect lessor quality with some of the knock off tool companies. A friend of mine has a Ridgid stapler that works like a charm, for 25 bucks more I could of had that, oh well, hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

Sorry if I ranted a bit there, needed to get $110.00 of unhappy off my chest! lol