Bosch - 52318 18V Cordless Jigsaw (Rating: 5)

This like most every Bosch tool I've had the privilege to use this is a quality machine.

This tool is tough! It sports a perfectly balanced grip, a non-scratch shoe cover, a silky smooth variable speed trigger suitable for even the finest scrolling application, the most easily adjustable bevel angle base I've ever seen, a deep cycle long running NCAD, the standard battery used by virtually all tool companies but in the Bosch Blue Core format which promises future upgrade compatibility. With the right blade this 18v jig should cut through anything and a single battery should last most of the day, a testimony to this newest generation battery, a fact that's sure to impress even the most hardcore professionals. As one other reviewer said, "If they used jigsaws in medical procedures this would be the one they'd use!" and I agree, straight out of the box this thing is virtually perfect.

The 52318 Cordless is absolutely best in its class. The literature brags the ability to handle 2.75 inch lumber which I believe would be no problem given that it handles 1.5 inch ash like a hot knife through butter.

The fit and finish, like most of the equipment Bosch produces, is refined yet solid and I'm sure will easily withstand tough professional level usage. Just in case you decide to drop it off the roof, it comes standard with a 3 year manufactures warranty which given the hefty price tag, I would expect.

Like most tools, proper application will substantially enhance tool performance and until now that meant a tedious blade change with most JSs. This beauty sports a tool less system that will astound you at how easy it can be to replace a JS blade. Once you understand the mechanism a blade can be swapped out in 5 seconds! There simply won't be any excuse to not to use the right blade for the job anymore. And while I'm speaking of blades, for those that already have a nice jigsaw that they're happy with check to see if Bosch offers their blades for your model. Their bi-opposition tooth design is another secret to this machines outstanding success, but you can certainly improve any JS with these "Best In Class" blades.

It's a great go anywhere JS which allows you the freedom of a cordless coupled with the power of a corded machine. There is however something I didn't like, the funny little wire guard in front of the blade obstructs my view of the cut, but a screwdriver solved that issue easily enough.

All in all if you can stand the initial pain of acquisition (it only hurts till the first time you use it) you'll wonder why all tools aren't made like this.

  • Pros Everything but the price

  • Cons The price