Starrett - Measure Stix (Rating: 5)

Yes, If you, like me, had your share of problems with the right hand table saw scale then this review makes sense. Otherwise, you can skip it.
Anyheaux, So the Ridgid 3660 TS right hand scale has been a problem since the day I got it. It was placed/taped in a wrong location. So I ordered an original scale and that one stayed on for two weeks and it started to peal off.The rail was cleaned completely before applying the strip. Maybe too hot in Houston. Not sure. But it was extremely difficult to place it on rail because Ridgid scale is thick and gets bent real ez and it becomes useless. So after a long search for a ¾ steel tape, I found this 6 feet Starrett. It is extremely accurate
inch on top and mm on bottom. You can cut it to size and it goes on with no wrinkles or dents. And it's under $10.