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building a pantry door with shelves in the to space so it opens?

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Hi there,

I'm enclosing under the stairs in my house as a pantry (right now it has a curtain over it temporarily).
I am a woodcarver, not much of a woodworker, and need to find out, before I build something that doesn't work, how much space will be required between the two side-by-side doors to allow for clearance to open.

The doors will have 3 1/2 inch deep shelves with front guards inset in them to hold canned goods.
Each door will swing outwards, and measure 20 !/2" X 71". I will be using 3 very heavy duty hinges to hang them as they will be heavy when loaded with canned food.

My question is how to determine how much space they will require to clear each other when opening?
That depth is not something I've ever worked with.

Thanks in advance,
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Take a 20 1/2" board, & swing an arc about where hinge pin is, with that distance.

You should be able to set the angle of where your shelves meet. allow about 1/8" clearance.
Thanks, that actually makes sense.
I'm glad this helped you.

I was hoping I explained it clear enough for you.
Someone on another forum suggested that I actually make a cardboard box mok up to really see the action. I think that is a good suggestion as well, and will do that so I can measure thrice and cut once.

I appreciate the help and will let you know how it goes. My finger is swollen really big right now. I guess I hurt it, but I don't remember doing it, so the project will be a bit delayed. I cannot finish carving the details if I cannot bend my finger.
I'll keep you posted.
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