Buck Bros. - 14" jack Plane (Rating: 3)

This week-end my Porter-Cable 6" portable jointer burned up (sparks flying from the motor and tripped the circuit breaker) and I was in desperate need of something to flatten some boards. I have an old Stanely 4" smoother, but the boards are cupped and twisted, too much work for that one.

So the wife and I had to go to Home Depot anyway for some stuff and while there I asked one of the salesmen if they had any wood planes and he directed me to the aisle where they were.

I'm thinking Buck Bros., never ever heard of them. But being desperate, I purchased the plane for $39.95 took it home and expected that it would need hours of work. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the plane was ready to go to work; sharpened blade and all.

I'll grant you it's not the finest hand plane ever made but it has done a good job and kept it's edge (so far) after 4 hours of planing, so I am very surprised.

I'm giving it 3 stars because of build quality, even the name plate is a stick on decal.