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Britain Has Talent - Charlotte & Jonathan

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Britain Has Talent - Charlotte and Jonathan

Hold on to your socks… they will knock them OFF!

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I hope they BOTH make it. That was great!
joe that was great,they were both good and will go far ,now i got to find those socks of mine
Wow! I am not a big fan of opera but I am a big fan of an amazing voice in any genre. Jonathan is without a doubt a real talent. Thanks for posting this Joe.
Simply outstanding, and so young too.
I am not sucked in by this type of TV progran and normally I would have just by-passed this thread BUT in this case all I can say is DAMN GOOD!
SD, that was awesome, I still couldn't see who was squeezing his nuts though.

That must have been some time ago… it was not in HiDef…
I'm with Roger… Who Dun it? LOL
I just stumbled across it. Joe I didn't expect the voices that came out of your clip, but the voice that came out of my clip. Holy Cow
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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