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Bridgewood Lathe-12 inch swing??Should I buy or run

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Hello Jocks,

I have recently been comissioned to build a number of table top compost bins (think hotel ice buckets).
I have almost no turning experience and no lathe. I found a Bridgewood 12inch swing lathe on craigslist with chisels, and bowl turning chuck for about $150. Does anyone know about the Bridgewood lathes,and do you think I could turn these "buckets" without killing myself. Thanks
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My first lathe was a bridgewood. I'm not sure if it is the same model that you are looking at.

Mine had a single round "tube" for the bed along which the tail stock would slide. It had a captured wheel to advance the tail center. You could probably do what you want to do however, my lathe was unsuited for any type of drilling operation that involved advancing the tail stock.

If I remember correctly, I only paid $150 for the lathe when I bought it new from Wilke Machinery- the US sales outlet for Bridgewood. Wilke Machinery is no longer in business and has been "restarted" as C.H.Wilke. They are still in York, Pa. They no longer advertise any Bridgewood products but may have some repair parts for the older machines.
follow this link to see a picture of the lathe..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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