Bridge City Tool Works - Jointmaker Pro Single Wing (Rating: 5)

I have been looking at Bridge City products for some time. I haven't used them, however, because of the cost. You see, I never drove a Jaguar before.

Well, recently I purchased the Bridge City Tool Work's "Jointmaker Pro Single Wing" saw. This tool, 'merely', is a japanese saw blade tucked away in a unit that permits wood cutting operations. The precision cuts enabled by this tool and the surface definition produced by the cuts it makes is , in my opinion, unmatched by any other tool powered by hand, electric, gas or nuclear power.

I purchased mine because I needed to produce through dovetails that I could not match by my skill. Also, I was not interested in buying a router-based system I would use only a few times at a high cost. With the JMSW, I have a tool I now know I will use for every project, without noise.

The unit itself is seen in the first photo. The metal parts are Bridge City's, the wood parts are mine, as I had to design a fixture to secure the 16' by 24' cherry panels I was using in my project (the saw is designed to allow customization).

I love this saw. Though I still drive truck on the road, I now drive a Jaguar in my workshop.

With respect to my fellow woodworkers,

Ron Baird
Wind Gap, Pennsylvania