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I ran into the same situation.
Having to braze your own blades works and you can save money by buying your blades in coil stock. The down side it that you will have all the same type of blade and if you need a different blade then you would have to invest in another coil or order a custom made blade.
My saw took a blade that was 2" shorter(91 1/2") that the standard blade for a 14" bandsaw.
It was a simple fix, a home made riser block and now I buy off the shelf blades and also get them on sale.
The home made riser block is installed where the upper and lower half of the machine are bolted together. My saw had one large bolt that attached the two sections.
So I went to the local steel scrap yard and purchased some flat stock steel 1/2" thick. My saw required two 5" x 5" x 1/2" with a "U" shaped section cut out of the middle so it would slip around the bolt. I made a cardboard pattern of what it should look like and took it with me. They cut it to size and cut the slot for the bolt. A little cleaning and some paint and I was ready to go.
The question is what size riser do you need to get to a 93 1/2" blade.
In my case I needed to add a 1" riser to extend the length of the blade by 2"
The thickness of the riser doubles the amount added to the blade length. By adding a 1/2" riser you are moving the bandsaw wheels 1/2" apart and extending the length of the blade by 1".
If you choose this fix please use care when reinstalling the upper section making sure that the wheels are coplanar and ensure that the bolt is long enough. I believe that it is covered it the book that you referred to but if not then this one does. Band Saw Handbook (Paperback)
by Mark Duginske (Author)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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