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Bosch portable TS fence

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I have a Bosch portable TS (the 4000, not the 4100) that I use, mostly so I can fold it out of the way; ok I lied, mostly because I don't have the money saved yet to upgrade to a hybrid. I bought the saw to use for renovations as I used to be a remodeler, it worked fine for ripping down 2x's and other non-crucial elements; but the fence annoys me to no end now that I am trying to use it to make accurate cuts. Is there anyone out there with the same saw that has made adjustments to get it to work better? Or replaced it with something else?

Some specifics of what bothers me:
-When I slide it side to side it bumps around and vibrates (an understatement) because the guide on the front isn't tight (an adjustment I haven't figured out if there is one).
-The fence is not 90 degrees to the table and I haven't found that adjustment either, it appears to be about 87.5 degrees.
-After I tediously measure the front and back of the blade and line the fence up with a hair of clearance in the back I go to lock it down and it moves. For precise cuts I've begun to line it up, clamp the rear with a quick-grip clamp, check it, clamp the front with another clamp, check it again, then clamp the fence down. This seems to work well (albeit, 5 minutes of setup for each cut just to set the width frustrates me.

Disclaimer: Don't get me wrong, this saw has been fantastic, I would give it 4.5/5 for being a portable saw. I'm just at the point where I'm at it's end, unless someone can give me some tips!
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thanks for your input on this saw interesting
ahock - I had the 4100 and aside from the blade guard assembly it's pretty identical to the 4000 - indeed a fantastic saw. like you I felt that it's limited somewhat for fine-woodworking though. but not because of the fence - more because of the table (size and material (flatness).

problems 1,2 and 3 that you described are from the same cause - the fence is not parallel to the blade, and not square to the table making it also chatter when you move it about. there is a way to align the fence to the blade - if it's not in your user manual, check the 4100 models user manual. the fence is slightly different (added T slots) but I think that the extrusions, and mechanism is the same - worth checking out.

once the fence is square to the rails, it'll move smoothly (as smoothly as it can go), lock where it's at (without nudging), and be parallel to the blade.
it's on page 30 in your user manual.

if you dont have it - /t10/0000000/r00160v-1.pdf]here it is
Thanks PurpLev, I'll check it out when I get home.
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