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I'm building new cabinets for my VERY small shop. The base cabinets will also serve as my new miter station. Because everything is so incredibly cramped (single car garage, with a commitment to always have room for my wife to park inside in bad weather) I need to maximize the size of the cabinets. But I don't want to maximize them to the point that I don't have room for the miter saw to fully function.

Right now I have a 12" Ryobi that I picked up for free (guy gave it away because it was missing a $6 part). It works but has all the usual limitations of a non-sliding, single-bevel saw. It has served me well and will continue to for the immediate future, but as soon as I'm able I will be buying a Bosch dual glide saw, so I need to build this miter station to accommodate it. I haven't decided yet which one (10" or 12") so for now I'm just planning on having enough room for the 12".

I have been searching for over an hour but I can't find anyone who lists the vertical height of the Bosch IN USE. (The parked height is only helpful for storage.) The stores near me don't have one on display, and the store that does have one on display (a pro dealer) is more than 1 hour round-trip. Would someone with this saw please give me an idea how much vertical room I need to open the saw fully and not smack my knuckles on the upper cabinets when I use it? Please indicate if you are measuring from the top of the table or the bottom of the feet.

Thank you!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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