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Bosch 4100 Fence Alignment

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First I want to say hello. Long time lurker but first time posting. I'm from Leakey TX, for those that have visited, they know how blessed I am to live along the banks of the Frio. I'm returning to DIY woodworking with medium end machinery, Basically building things that make my wife happy. She calls my projects, perfectly imperfect. Which kills me because I used to live in a metro area where I had a membership to a woodshop with high end equipment so the results were much better. Anyway….. my problem

Fence alignment with the Bosch 4100

First of all. Blade to mitre slot is .001. I used a magdro with digital calipers to measure front of blade tooth and then the same tooth at the back. I'm perfectly happy with that.

The fence is another story. Using the same set up I set the fence anywhere on the table, lock it down take the calipers on front side and touch fence. Set it to zero. Slide it to back end of fence and almost everybsingle time it reads -.030 or less but still more than I'm happy about. I feel the problem could have been solved by simply making the fence square on front end that rides in the channels wider so it cant rock as much, or tighter in the channels. Also, the triangular prism that sets in the groove could have been made longer. Either way. I've done the whole 2 screw adjustment on top. I'm not even sure how that helps, other than adjusting 90 to the table top. If I had the okd woodpecker 26" square I'd just set up cuts with it but it's not in production anymore.

Can somebody please help me with this? Any tips on how to set up the cut since the fence is average at best?

Thank you all
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First, having owned a portable saw with that type of fence, you'll never be happy with it. Some people might but if your measuring to .001" with a Magdro, you never will. The fence probably has more flex than the precision you're looking for.

That being said, I'm not familiar with that saw but can you shim either the fence clamp bracket or the rail that it rides on to get it squared up?

Good luck and welcome to the site!
I appreciate your feedback. I'm extremely happy with the blade to mitre alignment. is it possible to to use a 26" woodpecker square to set up fence for future cuts? Has anyone ever done this?

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