Bosch - PS10 12V Max I-Driver (Rating: 4)

This is my first review so go easy on me.. I was at my local sears store just looking around and i saw this bosch driver tucked away on a bottom shelf. It had a big factory reconditioned sticker on it.
the battery was charged so so i gave it a try. sounded like it had a lot of torque and it worked great, looked great. sold! half the price of a new one.
six months later now. i have drove over one thousand screws with this driver. the only thing that has happened to it is the the switch works intermitten, no big deal just let go and squeeze again and it works. probably why it was returned in the first place.
Overall this is probably the best driver i have ever used, its compact design lets me get into tighter spots then my drills. i would recomend this to anyone…great product..