BORA - PM 5090 (Rating: 3)

Well, now I know. Buy another different stand.

I bought the stand because I must have forgotten the other one of two on a job site. It's been AWOL for several years and I wanted an adjustable stand for each end of my bandsaw log sled.

It went together easy enough.

The adjustable top is a roller and mount held to a wedged shaped shaft by two screws.

The adjustable shaft is composed of a piece of U shaped metal with a piece of flat stock welded in the U-channel (about 1/8" in from from the edges).

The locking crank fits best by inserting the shaft with the indented side toward it.

The metal piece welded in the U shaped wedge shaped shaft is soft enough, cranking down to insure it won't collapse, while supporting an 80# log on the sled base, leaves dips/dents that might qaulify as "pre-sets" on down the road. Unfortunately, if you want to set the roller up or down and the newly added "pre-sets" are too near, it's hard to get it locked to where you want it.

The wedge idea seems like a good idea, since you have to keep backing off the locking mechanism to lower the roller.

The two screws holding the roller 90 to the sliding support didn't stay tight long. It may be a good idea to install larger bolts, flat and lock washers and a nut. Too, if the stand will be put to use anywhere near the the weight limits it claims to support, it may even be a good ideal to add more support braces across that area.

Compared to the two stands I picked up from a big box, this is a week-ender unit and good for supporting weight rated at far less than is indicated in related advertising (e.g., holding up a 2×4's or 2×6's).