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boat building

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Just joined and thought I'd share some of my work.
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ok well I don't think that went well. But I'll work on it.
Hi adzbub,

You've got to load your pictures on a website area like flickr or photobucket. Others work too. But they've got to be on a webpage. Then find out the address of the picture and put it in between exclamation points. Hit the green preview button and it will show.

I hope this helps. I'd like to see your boatcraft.
Thanks, I posted it as a new tread. wasteful I know. But if you copy and past you will see some of my work.
I just fixed your pictures in this post.
fantastic boat well done
Ha… I expected rowboat when you first posted. This is something else. Very impressive.
Wow, you don't do light work. This looks great. Can't wait to see the finished project.
The boat looks great, how long is it?
Thank you every one for the kind comments. And Thank you Martin for fixinging my pictures. The boat was originally designed in 1902 by Charles Mower as a 30' knockabout sloop. This one however was built in 1914. She was fully restored in 2004. Only about 10% of her original material remains. I will try to post more pictures in my projects section.
This is bigger than my whole shop! Looking forward to seeing more picture. Thanks for posting.

God Bless
I too am new here,but Wow! what a thing of beauty the boat is. You sure have a great project to start off with here in the forum. How long have you been working on it? I hope to see the progress photos.

So from one new person to another, I am sure glad we found this fine group of people.
Launch day. I know the pictures are of low quality but there is very little I can do about it now. The crew consisted of two to three people at any one time. She has a shallow draft. 3 or 4 feet can't remember. There is no standing headroom. This was strictly a racing machine. She is still competitive. Very fast. She is also very wet. Lots of initial stability.




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