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Board center gauge - wood version blog

Board center gauge
wood version

Ok I know I just posted the brass version, but since I could see there were great interest, I thought it would be fine with the wooden version also. Forgive me!

This is a gauge I have seen boat builders use to mark center on both sides of boards when splitting them in half.
The grooves will serve as a guide or the saw cut.
So this was the wooden version that I made before the brass and dark wood, both work well.
(This was made February 2011, just never posted).

The pine was use for making a quick and dirty version I needed fast.
So now you know this picture and why the pine was there…

Finding a matching drill bit.

Pre drill two holes with a spade bit, just so deep that the point comes out.
Does not mater the distance or if they are center.

Then turn and mark center line between the holes.
Carefully find and mark the center point between them.

Drive a nail through and you have a gauge.

Press each side in to the board.

You are in business.

Hmmmm this got me thinking…

So now some finer wood, don't remember what.
Marking carefully now all thee points an center of the stock.

Drilling, this time all the way through.

Since I had no drill that fitted perfect I needed to thin the dowels down a wee bit.
So I marked and drilled a hole in the centers.

Cut the head of a screw.

Put the thread in the drill and the dowel could then go in.

And I could sand down till it fit.

Then a cut in each dowel end.

A hole through the center.

Two hard wood wedges.

Glue and gentle taps with a hammer

Now some shaping, just for the sexy factor and a good grip.

Next step was he pin.
I took a brass screw and filed the head a little more narrow, the fast way.

Then made a hole of the head size half way through, so the head can go into the wood.

Cut the screw to length and then pointed the end.

Close up.

All put together.

Me like!

Here the point.

Better than the quick and dirty a least…


Get it!

Then let's get to work.

Thanks for watching.

Perhaps it can inspire to split some boards.

Best thoughts,

Nice work Mads…
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