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Blue pine (beetle kill) in nor cal HELP!

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I have looked everywhere for some beetle kill pine and have my local distributor Moore Newton on the hunt for me and we can't find anybody in nor cal that can supply me. I have been trying to buy 300 bf or more for two weeks and am having a tough time.. anybody ??
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I am not sure of what "Blue Pine" is but I have found some blue coloring in 2×4's I have been using for making toys. When I find more I plan to save some to use in intarsia.
I responded in the other thread where you asked. Try this guy:

He's all up in the blue pine aka beetle kill pine. Maybe he could be a resource for you to get some. He mills his own. just send him a private message.
I was referring to beetle kill pine. the blue streaks are a fungus introduced by the bark beetles. I have a bunch of furniture plans drawn up that I designed with this wood in mind and was actually quoted a price last week then they told me they ran out. It's been frustrating but I'm sure it will all work out in the end.
Thanks buckethead! I too suffer from framers disease. I'm working on it though.
My pleasure, SFCC. Good luck!
To anyone who is looking, I will be set up in a couple weeks to ship Beetle Kill Pine. Just send a pm to me.
You are going to need to find a small mill like Monte above. Larger mills do not separate the blue pine out from the other pine they are sawing. Not all beetle kill blues out. Its not economical for the mill to separate the pine. They would have to sort by hand most green chains are automated with only one or two men on the green chain its impossible to separate out. It all goes in the same bunk.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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