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blogs/topics problem

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Am I the only one getting T-d off when posting a blog and it jumps up to the beginning every 5 seconds? I don't know what the problem is but I'll be re-reading what I wrote and it will jump up to the freakin top. WTF? Then I have to scroll down, read a line, then it does it again. I don't know if it's a problem with the saving feature or what but it makes it a PIA to post blogs. Any suggestions or thoughts on how to make that problem go away? Thanks
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New one on me Keith. I haven't had that problem.
I've noticed that also Keith. if you type a key it goes back to where you were. So hit the space key and see if it goes back.

That's not a solution I know.
Keith…it's your mouse. Upgrade :)
it's a laptop. I'm not touching the mouse when I type. I thought the same thing, like I was hitting the scroll or something. So I tried it typing with one hand and it still jumps. Arrgghh.
You may due for a restore or maybe if you have a cleaner run it.
If you dont have a cleaner try ccleaner install it and run it.
Did you try more than one browser, Keith?
I've had this happen too and I guarantee it's mouse/trackpad related.
Martin, I tried refreshing, changing browsers, etc. If it's the mouse or trackpad how do I fix it on a laptop? I went to the control panel, clicked on mouse, and there isn't anything related to cleaning or adjusting it.
I posted a blog last night and it did the same thing. I typed, sat back for a few seconds to see what happens, and sure enough it jumped. How is it my mouse if I'm not even close to touching it, and it only does it while posting a blog or a topic that pushes the top line out of view? No other site or program does this.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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