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Blocking Unwanted PM's

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Hi! I'm afraid I really find it necessary to ask if it's possible to block PM's, either altogether, or if I can block one particular user who frequently sends me irrational, angry babble that makes no sense. I've never communicated with this person, so it is quite disturbing. Thanks!!
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Poopiekat, I do not believe that is possible with the existing programming. You might want to send Martin a private message to see if he can do something special for you.

I am sorry to hear about your situation. Fortunately with 11000+ members these are few and far between. I would suggest that you just delete the unwanted messages without bothering to read them. If you ignore the user long enough I am sure that they will simply leave you alone.
I have a pretty Good idea as to who you are talking about…sorry to here it has spread to you. I just delete them with out even looking at them. I would definitely tell Martin, or copy and forward them to him so he can take the necessary actions.
If these messages get sent to your "home" or main mail box I think that you could at least put a spam filter or rule to block them at home. As an example I use comcast for my mail. All LJ messages are sent to me there. I just put a filter into Comcast and problem is solved.

I think than any LJ who flames or spams should be dropped from the community.
Most email programs allow you to set rules for messages received. For Microsoft Outlook, you can find it under the "Tools" heading in the "Rules and Alerts" section. Because of the way LJ notifiers are sent, you may have to block them all- I've never tried it for LJs.
Thanks, guys, in fact I was not surprised to see that a few others are experiencing the same thing. No, I haven't made my email address public, and I'm glad of that! I'll continue to ignore these intrusions, lest I let myself get dragged down. Fortunately I haven't made my LJ link in Facebook, the last thing I want is someone causing mayhem with my friends and family.
Every message board has its Trolls….it's a fact of life. Thanks for the support!
I say have a word with martin maybe he could do or say something to the person

The Troll apparently has many names…
THANK YOU MARTIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for posting fedsawdave and poopiekat, thanks Martin things like that should not be here, private problem should be solved privately.
Thanks, Martin! Unfortunately I DO have to solve this publicly…..the perpetrator is in this thread, acting innocently with 2 consecutive comments. Nauseating. Please knock off the harassing PM's too.
I have a right click that allows me to block the sender from unwanted E-mails. Try right clicking and see if your e-mail provider does the same.
Thanks, Bob!
I'll see if it works for unwanted private messages that originate within the LJ site.
I hate to resurrect this old thread, but this GMman character is at it again. Now he is resorting to threats, which I'm inclined to take seriously, such as, and I quote, "The end for you is near"...which he sent to me today. He has previously said that "you won't be around much longer" in a PM, responding to a discussion I was participating in on the subject of declining vision.
This individual harasses me every time I post dialogue, either in the thread itself, or in his incessant PM's. He keeps making me a 'Buddy' so that he gets directed to any new dialog I post in the forums. I'll have to ask again: Can I block his Private Messages? Note that it is only my Private Message mailbox on the LJ site, not my home email address, where he is threatening me.
This has to stop. How can I block his PM's?
The end of the world is near
You won't be around much longer so will I
H1N1 is coming to get most of us.
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