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Blanket chest / Toy box

I made this chest for my granddaughter, who is 4 months old. The idea was to give her something from her grandpa she can use for the rest of her life. I took the dimensions from one I saw online, then just winged it from there.

Brown Cabinetry Plant Wood Dresser

The chest is made from clear pine boards. I planed them for uniform thickness, then jointed th4e edges with my Stanley No. 6.

Wood Artisan Tradesman Glove Table

I glued up each panel separately, due to clamp limitations. I never have enough clamps.

Table Wood Workbench Creative arts Flooring

When it came time to trim the panels top length, they were too wide to fit in my crosscut sled on the table saw. Rather than build a new fixture, I scored the dimensions with a knife, used a sharp chisel to enhance this "knife wall" (as Paul Sellers calls it). Then cut the panel with a cheap old Stanley back saw I have had for a couple decades.

Hand Table Wood Wood stain Hardwood

Wood Hunting knife Composite material Hardwood Tool

I made a box-joint jig to use with my stacked dado set on the table saw.

Wood Cabinetry Gas Flooring Hardwood

Then assembled the carcass.

Wood Creative arts Art Workbench Hardwood

Next was to make the breadboard top. I cut the tenons with the stacked dado set and a sacrificial fence, then trimmed the shoulders with my dovetail saw.

Table Wood Gas Hardwood Wood stain

I drilled out the mortise on my drill press the smoothed it out with a chisel.

Wood Handheld power drill Drill Table Wood stain

The breadboard ends were secured with three dowels. The middle one was glued in place, the outer ones went in widened holes in the tenons to allow for movement.

For some reason, I took no photos of the drawers. I sanded the heck out of the thing, then dyed the wood (first time I have done that) then applied several coats of poly. The hinges are a pair of 30 foot-pound torsion hinges from Rocklers. They seem to work just fine.

Table Wood Wood stain Hardwood Flooring
This came out real nice Dave, finish and all. The breadboard ends are a nice touch.


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