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Blackberry saved money or Buyer beware

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I was somewhat apprehensive about laying the money down for a blackberry but chose it when I recently upgraded my cell phone service. I purchased the IWANNA, a local trade paper, on Thursday and observed a gentleman selling woodcarver's bench and tools. Called on Friday and set up appointment with him on Sunday. He had said that he was a teacher at a college in Asheville that had closed down. He was selling his tools as his wife wanted room to park her car in the garage. Some of the tools were still new in the box, and he has over 90 knives with a couple of power carvers and the bits. He also said he could make the drive to Hickory in 40 minutes. He also mentions he has wood he's willing to part with and mentions mahogany for carvings. All this for $250.00

Calling before leaving, I drive the 90 miles, taking me an hour and half, with Dad. I noticed in his garage some benches, a lathe, drill press, and a very large CNC router, about the length of my truck. He shows me briefly the power carvers saying that one alone would sell for $600 new. He is willing to part with the smaller one for $40 and the larger for $70 as it has the foot pedal. They are hanging on a cheap set up but not what I would call a woodcarver's bench. Couple of 2×4's and a small piece of plywood with no strong base. I keep asking about the other items he has mentioned. He takes me into the house and shows me a set up for enhancing pictures. Again I ask him about the tools. We go back to the garage where he shows me a hobby knife that has a few dozen blades. He would like to sell this to me for $15.00. I explained I was looking for the gouges, etc.

Well, the gentleman gives me a short lecture on how handcarving tools will cause carpal tunnel syndrome and it's best to go to the power carver. He has "rheumatoid" and cant grab the carving tools anymore. I don't say anything but I promise you, my hand tools have never inflamed my carpal tunnel which I developed using a sander and feeding lumber in a mill. I again ask him about the tools as they are not marked and he doesn't want to sell the ones he has used for ten years. We go downstairs to another garage where he has carvings and wants me look at these. I explained again my father is in the truck and we need to get moving on the tools. He brings one, the cheaper one out and it is made in China.

I ask him to get the other and he makes a show of looking. I get on the Blackberry and look up the one he has laid down. He's a little agitated that I'm looking on the Blackberry. He eventually finds the other that he will sell for $70.00. Now this is where the Blackberry pays off. Goggled Professional Woodcarver power carver and it's on sell for $43.00. That would be the one he would like me to buy for $70. Oh and it's free shipping…

I'm going to save the trip and buy his lumber. Well the lumber, he's not willing to part with any of it. He says he can't get mahogany and teak any more and has none.

Do I go home empty? Of course not, I still have money in my pocket. Dad and I grab a coffee at Starbucks, a few laughs and down the hill we go. All in all a pleasant day for a drive.
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Elaine, I think I know this guy. Did he have a bunch of eagle carvings too?
I resisted blackberries for a very long time. But now that I have one it really helps out. It's wonderful to validate things on the spot like that.

Yes he did and a few bear carvings with signs along with some canes that he said he carved and donated to disabled vets. I don't think the same person was doing the carvings. I didn't know how to make anyone be careful and not do the long drive up there. He's all over the IWANNA in woodworking tools. Should I have called you before I went up the hill?
Great save…and good job !!! I to have a Blackberry that was a gift from my wife and daughter. Of course I said wow…and how much I liked it…the truth was I had a older razor and thought to myself "Why do I need a Blackberry"...had way to many buttons on it, to many features etc etc etc. I thought a phone was for making calls, period.

But the wife and daughter kept telling me how great it was and how helpful it would be in my business…and you know what…they were right. Once I got use to it and entered the 21st century…I love it.

I can be at one job site, one of my crews can contact me from another with a problem…and basically it is my office away from home, I use the web to find specs on line to things we are installing at a job site and send it to the crew, I can contact a manufacturer and order replacement parts or receive and send e-mails to clients, track shipments to see when some parts are coming in etc etc etc.

Basicly it has saved me a ton of time AND money.
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There you go Don! It's amazing how quickly a gadget can pay for itself. I too listened to (a dear friend's) daughter who really thinks I'm behind. Now I owe her dinner…
No wonder he was aggravated you were looking at the Blackberry. You are probably not the first person to avoid being conned by him because of it.

You really can't trust anybody trying to sell stuff these days. I keep an eye on my local Craigslist for tools, and I see so much attempted rip-off it's ridiculous.
Charlie, what kinds of rip off? Like this one lying about the quality and price of the item? I have to wonder how much of the stuff on Craigslist and ebay is stolen??
I have a blackberry - I think it's pretty amazing, the games like brickbreaker are a great way to suck up your time though!

I get offended that I see things on TV like jitterbug designed to make us old timers look dumb!
Elaine, this guy has been on Iwanna for over a year trying to sell this stuff.
You should tell him that you will buy all that stuff he showed you, then after he moved all of it out to his driveway, hand him a stack of monopoly money.

While on the subject of classified scams, make sure not to buy those big box store gift cards for a discount too. Those are bought by returning stolen good or with stolen credit cards, and the gift card will become void not long after
Grandpaw -I thought the jitterbug was a dance -don't tell me it aint so! I had lots of fun in my younger days…

Jerry - Goes to show you I don't buy it that often, I think three times in the last year. Folks are looking for a dining room suite complete with china cabinet. And today the doctor said I could mess around, no hand tools, no lathe, enough to make a board to stretch my feet. I think he's a woodworker since he demonstrated the movement of hand planing…

Ed - You're faster than I, monopoly money is just what I needed.
SOmebody want to give me a Blackberry?
I've been eating blackberries for years and can only agree they are really good.
They are almost ripe up at the tree farm :)
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