- Shellac (Rating: 5)

I just made the picture frame in photo and decided to try the Black Shellac from Here's the info from the distributor:
The BLACK is all natural from the raw materials.
No additional pigment or coloring is added.
• On Light toned woods, the First coat yields a rich
medium Cordovan (Bluish-Red) Mahogany.
• A second Coat is Deeper & Dark Cordovan toned Black.
• The third coat yields the BLACK
with a shadowed hint of DEEP Blackish-Purple.

This is not a de-waxed shellac, so if you will want to top coat it, apply a final coat of dewaxed shellac, so the final finish will adhere to it well.

I didn't want a high gloss on this frame, so I mixed this in 1/2 lb cut, which would let me build the finish slowly.
Even at this thinner mix, the shellac was very black. It almost came out the way it was described on the web listing, which is for a 2 lb cut. I applied 6 coats on this frame and it came out darker than 2 feet up a stove pipe. I don't see any purple at all, just black. This frame was made from western red cedar, by the way.

I talked to Ron (from on the phone and he said a lot of customers use the black to tint other shellac, in order to get the right color when color matching an older finish. Ron is always happy to talk about the uses of shellac and is very informative and helpful, so give him a call or drop an email if you have any questions.

I'm looking forward to coming up with a larger project to try this on. I would like to get some of the shellac retarder and use it as a spray on finish.

I've used the other shellacs from this company and have been very pleased with the freshness, and the black is no exception. I recommend you give it a try, if you have a project that you need to be very black.