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Does anyone here have any Black & Decker or Sears Craftsman Industrial tools with the "M" line of motors B&D issued in 1984? More importantly, what was your experience with these tools when they were brand new in 1984, '85, '86, '87?

Three different sizes were available: 47mm, 57mm and 73mm. The 47mm-sized motors powered home-use tools while the 57mm and 73mm sizes were reserved for their Professional line of power tools.

B&D issued the "M" line of motors to reduce the number of motor sizes in years past.

I know my 1985 B&D Power Tools catalog lists several new power tools for that year with the "M" motors; among them are:
Model 7147 Variable Speed (non-reversing) 3/8" Drill (M47)
Model 7145 Electronic Variable Speed Reversing 3/8" Drill (like 7144 w/ electronic feedback circuitry) (M47)
Model 1317 Professional Single Speed Reversing 1/2" Drill (w/ AC/DC forward/reverse rocker switch) (M57) (replaced prior 1315-10)
Model 2032 Professional Single Speed Reversing Drywall Scrugun (2034 is similar but with variable speed trigger switch) (M57)
Model 2214 Professional 1/2" Drive Impact Wrench (w/ AC/DC forward/reverse rocker switch) (M57) (replaced prior 2214-09)
Model 3157 Professional Variable Speed Jig Saw w/ Orbital Action (3153 is similar but does not have orbital action) (M57) (replaced prior 3157-10)
Model 3159 Professional 2-Speed Jig Saw (w/ pedal switch on bottom of motor) (M57) (replaced prior 3159-10)

An example of an M-series Professional power tool:
Pneumatic tool Handheld power drill Hammer drill Tool Rotary tool




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I haven't checked the numbers, but I have a 4 1/2" B&D "industrial" angle grinder. It looks to be about the same vintage. I've used the heck out of it for 30 years or more, and finally had to replace the brushes about a year ago. It has a paddle switch, which I prefer on that type of tool.
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