Black & Decker - DS321 Dragster Belt Sander (Rating: 2)

I am giving this sander two stars, I went to the HD with plans to splurge on an expensive belt sander, instead I saw this by black and decker. I have a black and decker 1/3 sheet finishing sander that has served me well so I decided to give them a shot on their belt sander (not to mention the temptation of saving some money for a few other things that I could buy for my shop) The features looked nice; adjustable front handle, flip up guard, tapered nose, but the front roller for the belt kept leaving gouges that I had to spend quite a while with a palm sander and some 60 grit paper to remove. The only reason I didn't give it one star is because I think it's a good practice sander for youngsters that are just learning what tools are for and it's low torque is safe enough for the little ones to learn on. Otherwise I'd hook it up to a battery tie a rubber band around the switch and watch it drag race with the rest of the toys.