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I have found a Black and Decker multi tool kit complete with everything in it, including all the paperwork and the tool chest is in mint condition, it has never been used, not a scratch on any of the tools, complete with all the sanding sheets as well, the only damage to the outside chest is the veiner has come off the front doors.

It is a UK pre 1970 models, complete with
D500 gold drill,
D8118 Finishing Sander attachment
D7876 Portable saw attachment
U1300 Bench stand (Red coloured)
U1005 Disc sanding table attachment
U2302 Horizontal stand (Red coloured)
U1002 Buffing and polishing kit
U1003 Abrasive Kit
U1400 Metal sanding and sharpening plate
D8458 Pkt of 6 Medium sandscreens
U1300 5" moulded rubber pad
U1410 Pkt of 6 course sanding discs
U1411 Pkt of 6 Medium sanding discs
U1220 3" wire cup brush
U1509 Paint Mixer (Black)

the entire chest cost £13 16 6, so because it is in Pounds shillings and pence, i know it is pre 1970 as England went to decimalization in 1970. I will try to attach a photo with this post, just wondering if you have ever come across a set like it, and especially with every tool in mint condition, with ALL the paperwork and how to use it documentation.

The age of it is probably 1950+ because in 1960 Black and Decker started to use the blue brand colour.

Anyone know anything about it?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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