Ridgid - 4510 portable (Rating: 5)

Got laid off back in August due to the housing/construction slow down, and things are not looking any better in the near future. I gave up on looking for work and decided to start my own home repair business. Now that I am using my 1 car garage/shop as a base for my business, I decided that I need more portability in my setup, .... so that means I sold off my stationary tools this week. :( Gone are my beloved Delta 36-979 table saw, dust collector, Dewalt air compressor, and Craftsman 6 1/8 jointer.

My first step was to replace my table saw with a job site type unit. I never really liked portable table saws so I never bothered doing any research on them. I looked really hard at the Bosch at first, mainly because some of my trim buddies swear by them. Then I looked at the Dewalt saw out of loyalty to the brand, but table top seemed almost to small and the miter gauge seemed almost toyish. Then I looked at the new Ridgid 4510 model because of the good reviews posted here on LJ . I was immediately sold on the Ridgid after looking it over. Home Depot honored the 10% military (retired) discount and I had it out the door in 2.5 seconds. :)

I got the saw home figuring that I would spend a couple hours setting it up and aligning everything. I broke out the Groz squares, straight edge, and my dial indicator…. and went to work. There was nothing to do.

The saw was dead on right out of the box. I was a little shocked, so I double checked everything to make sure. Tables were flat even, Blade to fence was dead on. Blade angle to tabe was dead on zero on the indicator. Blade to miter slots was dead on.

I fired up the saw, and ripped a couple pieces with the stock blade. I was impressed how the wood slides so easily on the table with this saw. The stock blade is ok but it will serve as a back-up to my Freud's. The stand was a worry for me at first because I hate any movement with a table saw. There is a little movement, but not enough to cause any distraction what so ever. I did a couple cross cuts and fell in love with the miter gauge, it's equal to, or better than alot of high dollar table saw stock miter gauges. There is no slop in the miter slots either. The rip fence is rock solid and locks down accurate every time. The rails are very beefy for a portable saw,...... the best I have seen yet. The riving knife is a nice feature, and I believe all saws should have had these years ago for added safety. The cut-off switch location is nice, as I can shut off the saw with my thigh in case I ever screw up and need to abort a cut. The onboard tool storage is great, it doesnt appear that anything will get snagged while while moving the saw around a job site or through tight spaces.

As others have posted on LJ, ... this saw is loud. Hearing protection is a must.

I was really really bummed having to sell my Delta TS, but I am also looking forward to using this saw in the near future. It looks solid….. feels solid, and is a dream to operate for a portable saw.