Generic Spiral - Pin Vice (Rating: 5)

Boys and Girls,

There are times when even Tim the Toolman Taylor (Home Improvements)
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might agree with me that bigger isn't always better.

Sometimes a bit & brace
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is far too big, as even the drill press
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Adding a smaller chuck is not much use,
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while further downsizing doesn't cut the mustard,
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The solution is in a pin vice,
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to do justice to my mini dovetails,
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The ruler in gallery picture #3 gives an indication of it's size. The vice is stainless and functions very smoothly and feels good in the hand. It is operated by holding the free rotating end cap in one hand and moving the middle "bush" up and down along the spiral shaft causing the drill to twist. Though it spins in reverse during the upward motion, the downward motion provides rapid penetration to compensate for the "useless" upward operation.

Below is a brass one I picked up,
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While it looks good, it has a spring on it, which in my opinion is contrary to intention and inhibits smooth movement.

Nevertheless the two spiral drive vices are a ton better than the more common twist pin vice (right one in the picture),
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Two of the poor designed ones,
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with the one on the left aluminium while the right one is stainless. They operate by holding the free rotating end cap in one hand and twisting the body between the fingers back and forth. This action is slow and laborious and prone to bit breakage.

I used the aluminium twist vice for about the first 100 nails in my building of the Bounty,
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and used the subject spiral vice to finish the remaining few more thousands,
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Nearly forgot that amongst all my video makings lately, I made a short video demonstrating these vices.

PS. Found a use for my Long Nosed Tweezers
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picking those bleeding small drill bits up.