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Big Tool auction for our Georgia members

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Another tool auction for our members in Georgia and surrounding ares…they have everything from Bandsaws and table saw's to nail guns and fork lifts. Remember to click on all the "Lots" to see all the auctions
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My gosh! That place must have employeed a lot of folks, supported a bunch of families. Very sad sign of the times…
Tell me about it. I get probably two to three of these e-mails a week. Some I post…most I do not because the stuff they are selling are way to big for most small shops.
I get them as well. Their web site is still up. Had a 40,000 sq ft facility. 5 axis CNC among a ton of equipment.

Oki, this is weird: their web site has an 800 #. I called it, got the answering machine which stated to "call back during normal business hours."

Hmmmmmm. Downsizing? Are they still making a go of it?
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