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Besides the pads LeeRoy point to, there is also one on the locking foot which should be greased periodically. If you don't have them, they can easily be fabricated using those laminate sample chips found at the big box stores. Exact same stuff was used on the original commercial Biesemyer fences. They were epoxied in place IIRC.

If you have the pads in place, then adjustment is done via the set screws. From the BC50 manual:

VERY LITTLE Lever pressure is required to hold the fence in position. For good operation, do not apply too much pressure to the lever. To DECREASE Pressure, let BOTH Set Screws OUT the same amount. For MORE pressure, turn both Set Screws IN the same amount. Again, make sure that the Fence is parallel with Saw Blade (See Figure)
Parallel Font Rectangle Diagram Auto part



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