Talon Hooks - 1/4" pegboard hooks (Rating: 5)

Have you ever pulled a tool off of your pegboard and had the wire hanger go rattling down to the bench or even worse behind the bench to the floor … Grrrr ….
Talon Hooks has a product that I tried and after using them I bought more to fill up my new storage cabinet.
These little sleepers have been hiding for a while; I discovered them on the internet while searching for a better way to hang my tools.
These hooks are designed for 1/4" pegboard, they secure on the board with a nylon screw that you push in with your thumb, and if you are like me and change your mind where you want that tool located, just take out one of your screwdrivers and unscrew the little screw and move the toolholder to a new location … simple and really cool … with no damage to the pegboard.
They are made from a plastic material and won't dull the sharp tool edges like the metal hooks will. They are incredibly strong for their appearance.
I bought one of the veriaty packs to start, and later reordered two more packs and some individual types to fill out my needs … (I'm just as happy as a pig in mud!)
You can visit thier website at www.talonhooks.com
They are sold by the Hollingsworth Co. of Bella Vista Ca. 96008
And wait, there's more … I just found out that these are available thru LeeValley tools, Garrett Wade, Rockler, McFeely's and probibly more. Like I said these are sleepers, I get most of the catalogs and have never noticed them.
Cost? I was really happy with the pricing, as an average they run just under $.50 each when you buy the veriaty pack and the HD wire hooks are a bit more. Talon hooks have some sales going on right now with even more savings.
The best tool hanger for my use.