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Best way to sell my woodworking tools?

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Hello fellow lumberjocks,

I have a small 2 car garage that I use as my wood shop and I've put pretty much all my big tools on mobile bases. But there are some tools that I use very rarely and for the sake of adding additional space, I'd like to sell some of them.

Other than Craigslist….do you have any other recommendations? I hate putting things up for sale on the web as I get a lot of crazy people looking at buying something for very little. I was just wondering if there is a website or some place where I could post the tools I'm trying to sell at a reasonable price.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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1) Don't have your city, state, or region listed in profile.
Without this information, it is hard to help you sell anything.

2) I flip used tool occasionally to upgrade my shop and for $$ in retirement. There is often a big difference between what a seller and buyer think is fair price. Wrote this blog to help others by sharing my pricing logic on buying used tools. Maybe it can help you determine if your reasonable price agrees with another opinion?

3) Sorry, but wood workers are cheap bastards.
We work with one of the cheapest raw materials on earth, that can be found for free in forest. We can make most anything using couple hundred dollars in hand tools. Why would we want to pay a reasonable price for used tools? I.E. Can not stop wood workers asking for bargain.

4) Bargain hunters tend to be lazy. They often fail to follow up, even if you respodn with a price in middle.
With larger wood working tools, transportation home is a challenge for many folks. This helps to weed out less serious folks, and almost eliminates folks visiting to offer 10% of asking price.
Suggest you ignore the low ball offers, as that is what the rest of us do. To reduce probability of folks calling/texting to low ball, I never include my phone number in sell post. Use default email, and require them to send their phone number to me. Spammers and low ball freaks will never send a phone number!

5) For local sales, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are most common selling sites. OfferUp has decent traffic in Arizona, but the posts are often copied from a FB or CL posting on same day. If wiling to ship, then list on Evil-bay.

Best Luck with sale!
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If you have a local hardware store you could try hanging a flier up to advertise what you have for sale.
Growing up folks use to list stuff for sale in the news paper too, not sure how valid that is anymore though. In my area there are a couple radio programs that do listings over the radio. No clue what that would cost.
A big problem with selling tools is that they are heavy so it is expensive to ship them. Plus they may need to be put in a sturdy crate.
Keep it local and if you advertise on this site give you location.
as mentioned, i put a lot of stuff on offer up when i closed office andmoved shop to my new shop at house, and am getting ready to close biz after 42 years so, lotsa stuff going on offer up and facebook market place,
good luck,
rj in az
I would say start here on LJ, at least give the fellow members a chance to say yea or nay. You might even come across one not far from your unknown location.
I used a ww tool consignmet last year. Sold my tools in great condition- old outdated but in great shape… even with the commission, I received almost what I paid for them…
Try a local woodworking guild
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