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Best Respirator for sawdust

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I am getting to the point that I am tired of using those $4 white masks with the 'cool vent' in the front from home depot.

I want to look into Respirator masks. But I don't know what's important aspects to look for in them. I saw some all purpose masks. Is that what I get? I didn't see anything for saw dust… are they out there? Do you recommend those masks? Or are they not worth it because of the filter replacements?

All thoughts are welcome

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The mask model is about fit and comfort. The filter cartridges are probably the most important thing to pay attention to. There are different cartridges for different applications: particulate filters for sawdust, organic vapor cartridges for finishing, etc. If you use the wrong cartridge, it won't protect you.

They make combination cartridges that protect against multiple hazards. Be aware, however, that the useful life of a cartridge varies considerably depending on its type. An organic vapor cartridge is good for something like 8-10 hours of use (not sure what the exact time is), but a particulate filter might be good for months (if you are a hobbyist like me). The combination cartridges will have different useful lifespans for different types of hazards-so don't think you can use a combo cartridge for finishing after you have used it for 30 hours to protect against sawdust.
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