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Best Respirator for sawdust

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I am getting to the point that I am tired of using those $4 white masks with the 'cool vent' in the front from home depot.

I want to look into Respirator masks. But I don't know what's important aspects to look for in them. I saw some all purpose masks. Is that what I get? I didn't see anything for saw dust… are they out there? Do you recommend those masks? Or are they not worth it because of the filter replacements?

All thoughts are welcome

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I watched a video by a woodworker who developed his own. I can't find the URL or YouTube any longer. He is both a diver and a woodworker. He developed this respirator using a divers mouthpiece and tubs that go over the shoulder and have filters on the back. Fits under a face shield well.

Help me find that so I can check further??

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