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Bent Laminate Chair

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So I've been designing a bent laminate chair and everything was going very well until I started looking for supplies. I was going to do layers of veneer stacked and glued then bend the seat in a vacuum press, until I couldn't find any non paper backed rotary sheets of veneer thick enough. My plan was to do the inside core of birch veneer with the face of the chair in walnut. Any ideas on where I can find the veneer or another way to make the core.

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Try . I bought some great 1/8" ash for a bent laminate chair and their service was excellent.

You can always resaw and make your own. I may be wrong. I'm thinking that you're using strips 2, 3 or 4 inches wide.

for the seat i was planning on using 18"x20" at 1/16th of on inch with 7 layers. Would strip be better?
Do NOT change your design based on my idea. I made an assumption. Sorry. WRONG AGAIN POP!

I suggest you look at a few products:

Italian bending plywood - it's designed to be flexible
along one direction. Laminate 2 layers of this stuff together on
your curve and it will hold the form almost exactly. Then add
more layers.

Here's one company that sells it:

I've bought it from local dealers. It's a common cabinetmaking product.

Thin aircraft plywood is not nearly so flexible but it can be forced to
hold a modest bend by laminating layers together with a hard glue.

I suggest urea formaldehyde glue only for this application. It dries hard
and will not creep out of the joints.

Most bent laminate builders saw their own strips. One reason is that a
gentle curve can be made from thick strips, reducing the amount of
labor and waste.

The Fine Woodworking book on bending wood has a lot of useful
articles in it. I suggest you get the book.
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