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Bench plane storage suggestions....

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Folks I need a nice storage for my bench planes, I'm looking for something to hang it to the wall,

it needs to hold all this

+ 4 more planes and several chisels, saws, mallets, etc… all kind of hand tools…

Any idea/ suggestion?

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The link seems to be broken..

Thanks for that one, I saw it before even now its in top of my want it list, what I'm looking for is something that can provide me more storage for all kind of hand tools, from chisels, drill bits, saws, to bench planes like No 7 or 8….


Why do I need help? :) :) ..... I enjoy what I do, it feels so good once you see the final result of something that could end up on the junkyard, also every time I'm restoring any "new" tool I wonder what's the history behind it, like that No5 C Type 8 that I recently got, its between 110-120 years old, can you imagine if it could talk, how many great memories …..yeah I think I'm getting sick…ohh Sharon btw there still 4 more planes in transit so stay tune… ;)
Ok I think I got the design I was looking for

What do you guys think?

Sharon, is that the same style as yours right?
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1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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