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Totally confused.Can not find a good consistent review or recommendation for bench top belt/disc sanders.Looking to spend about $200. Leaning towards the PC from Lowe's but horrible reviews on amazon.
Any comments/ recommendations welcome.
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Not really what you asked for, but the Rigid EB4424 Oscillating belt sander gets consistent very high reviews, is in your price range, and can usually be found at an HD.
Why not check out the offerings on Craigs List in your area? You can probably upgrade to a decent Grizzly or a Jet that would fit your budget.
I suggest a 12" disk sander,unless you use a belt sander often.
I have a Ryobi bench top Belt/Disk sander.
I also have the Ridgid EB4424 Oscillating spindle/belt sander.
Since getting the Ridgid…. the Ryobi has seen very little use!!!

However, it really does depend upon what you need the machine to do for YOU!!!
Check out Grizzly. They have more sanders than anyone I am familiar with.
My brother is a cabinet and furniture maker. He has sanders from Grizzly, Ridgid, PC and Ryobi. He uses his Ridgid EB4424 all the time and hasn't had any issues with it. He also has a couple of the Grizzly sanders, including their 12"disc sander, and likes them.
I have a grizzly belt that I like. I also have a $100 belt/disk sander from PennState, but they buy it from someone who also makes the same sander for Grizzly, HF, and several other companies. It has served me well for 10 years.
Grizzly would be the 1st place I would look.
I am "reviews" guy too, but for a sander less than 200 I probably wouldn't get too hung up on reviews as long as the warranty was at least a year. I would look for steel parts and controls and not too much plastic.
Good luck.
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