SketchUp - A video tutorial (Rating: 5)

My first review, I'm not a typist so I going to make this brief. I have wanted to learn SketchUp for some time now.,I have followed many courses on Google and other web sites but this really got me going.
It's from a wood worker that really knows this program.
It helps if you have multiple monitors but if not you can watch and pause or you can even download a mpg 4 to watch off
It starts you off building a Bedroom Side table and teaches you very elementary steps to make tapered legs, aprons, sliders for the drawer, and the dovetailed drawer. He goes on to show you ways of making all pieces on lawyers and components which are a plus for creating scenes later in the processes.
Iv'e been doing this for a week or longer now and was so impressed by how much time he's taken do this and especially for free that i really thought I should share. For any one that has struggled with this program that is really so powerful
I may even start a blog that helps with helpful tips that I have learned or others on LJ may put their input in.