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Lingerie Chest - Starting Design

Well this is just a short post. I have started the design for the lingerie chest. Here is its picture:

I used a really neat technique from an article in popular woodworking. It allowed me to do most of the figuring and layout in sketchup once I figured out some of the minor math behind it(i dont have the dividers) If you want to know how I did it let me know….i Think it turned out really nice…

now I just have to design the drawerboxes and the fronts…of course all this is subject to change due to management considerations….

forgot to add I did some looking around to try and find some different dimensions for the layout…

I finally went with about 52×20x18
Very nice start. I admire the thought process that goes into such a massive project.

One very stupid factoid that I discovered while researching my own lingerie chest is: They always have seven drawers. One for each day of the week. But I am quite sure that modern use of such a chest would not have each drawer reserved for a day, but rather for a type of garment.

Anyway, I thought it kinda interesting,
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