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Barn door construction

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I need to build a couple of barn doors to go on a closet that I have under my carport. I was going to frame them in 2 by lumber and use T111 plywood siding for the panels. They will be paint to match house, would pine be sufficient or should I use cedar? Thanks for any suggestions. Michael
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Under shelter and not exposed to the rain and snow pine should work just fine
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Here is a pic, there is a 2ft overhang on the right side and left should be no problem. It's going to be pretty much a wide opening so I can have a extra fridge and deep freeze there. With 2 sliding doors.


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As I originally stated, regular pine should be fine. Treated is only needed if in direct weather or ground contract, aside from that non treated is perfectly fine. I see you have everything painted and guess that these will be too, that will help preserve it too. If air humidity and the heat/cold destroyed non treated lumber there wouldn't be a old house standing.
I would still use treated, just because its outdoors. The price difference is pretty small.
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