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Bandsaw/Scroll Saw deal or no deal?

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I am on the hunt for a bandsaw on a budget. I am leaning towards the craftsman 9 inch table top bandsaw and I have been saving up. I know the bigger the bandsaw the better but I am just getting started and this saw looks like it gets good enough reviews.

With all that said, I came across this post and I am wondering if you all think this is a deal? I called the guy and he said he has had the machine for 4 months and just doesn't want it anymore. He said would include an additional 2 blades. If you all don't think $135 is a good price what would you offer? What would you offer for the scroll saw and the bandsaw together?
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Prices seem high to me. That is a very light duty bandsaw. I'd keep perusing CL, wait for a decent 12 inch, or better yet, 14 in. to come along. I'd avoid 3 wheel bandsaws, unless one of the higher end ones (Delta made a 16" and Inca also (not sure of size of the Inca)). Even on the best ones, blade tracking can be problematic. If for some reason the 9 inch bandsaw appeals to you though, I'd look at Harbor Freight's 9 inch, at $125.
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