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A long time ago I found this chart

Note that with a 1/2" blade you cannot cut anything less than a 2-1/2" radius. For general shop work, I keep a 1/4" 6 tpi gap-tooth blade in the saw. According to the chart that should allow a 5/8" radius - hah! Not with the cheapo Craftsman three-wheeler that I have used for so long. The guides aren't anywhere near that good.

The Craftsman is going. I just rebuilt an old Homecraft that I will use. Much higher resaw capability and the blades are easier to change on the two-wheeler. I ordered 2 X 1/4" 3 tpi gap tooth blades and, now that it's running, I will probably order 1/8" blades for tight curves and 1/2" or 5/8" for resawing. Changing the blades and restting the guides isn't enough trouble and I am not rich enough to justify two bandsaws. Let's not even mention limited shop space… ooops!
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