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I have an old "last of the mohican" General 15" bandsaws. I put new bearings in the old girl and she runs pretty well. The only downside is you are limited to about 6" resaw capacity - but I think she is a keeper for me. The factory fence was warped or bent a bit so I want to get her a new fence. I cannot really afford the Driftmaster.

I was looking at the Woodhaven B/S Fence or the PeachTree EZ Square. I see General is also making one under the Excalbur line. Kind of leaning toward the Woodhaven - the other stuff they make seems well designed and nicely assembled. I am assuming this would also be true of their B/S fence.

Do any of you have any feedback on the Woodhaven, EZ Square or the Excalbur?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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