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bandsaw box

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I posted a few days ago about my cl gloat of a 14in hf bandsaw I picked up for $40. Got around to my first project today. My wife and I's first anniversary is coming up so I decided to make her a heart shaped bandsaw box with ring holder. I am very pleased with the results so far. What do you guys think? Still got a few more coats of finish but reallllllly loving the walnut it has earned its spot as my new favorite wood.

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Nice box, she should be pleased.
Think what a great box you will make her for your 40th.
Very nice box, txn. That'll be a keepsake. How did you make the ring "mandrel" ?
Its a piece of 3/4 oak dowel that I put a lag screw in the cemter then chucked it into the drill press and used 80g sandpaper to get it to where I needed it
Nice job on your first box… looks like walnut, maple & cherry - I like that combination too.
thanks, its walnut maple and red oak, and I had to build the drawer out of a piece of oak also since my new dust collector decided to shred the original drawer when the drum sander on the drill press bound and knocked it out of my hand
That's quite attractive. Congratulations.

helluvawreck aka Charles
A beautiful bandsaw box BUT I can't figure out why your drawer appears to be solid walnut if cut from that glued up blank of 3 woods???
Thats what I posted about the dust collector I had the original drawer on the drill press with the drum sander sanding away and had the dc hose witting at the edge sucking up the dust when it bound on the drum and knocked it out of my hand before I knew it it went thru the impellar on the dc and turned it into splinters minus these 3 pieces. So I made a new drawer out of a piece of oak I had sitting around.
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Ouch! Hate it when that happens!
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