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Bandsaw blade working self off

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When I went to change out my bandsaw blades today, I noticed that they were stuck to the tire that goes around the wheel and I had to peel it off. I am guessing they got heated up at some point in time, guess that's what you get when you let someone use your bandsaw :). I can't get the new blade to stay on, I will have it under tension and set up to track in the middle of the wheel with the guide bearings in place and when I turn it by hand, the blade works itself forward on the top wheel and will go until it rests on the rim of the wheel. It will usually do this in about 1 full rotation. I guessing the tires need to go and be replaced, but wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas before I go wrestling with a new tube…for whats its worth I was switching an 1/8 blade for a 1/4 blade but I don't think this would have an impact on this…Thanks in advance
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Your guess about the blade heating up would be mine if you had to "peel" the 1/8" blade off. If that blade heated up and ran a grove into it your going to have an almost impossible time running a larger blade, it will never track right with the grove.

Sounds to me like you need new tires.

Don't let someone abuse your saw. If the blade is getting that hot they are feeding material in way too fast. Dangerous for the operator and not good for the machine. Tires are the first to go, next you will need to replace the motor if they are feeding too fast.

Paul- thanks for confirming my suspicion

When looking for new tires I noticed most are 3/4 or 7/8 in width. When I measured mine, it was 1/2. Can you use the 3/4 and it takes up the rest when stretched? Or do I need to special order one? The bandsaw is a Jet 12"
Band saws are tricky to adjust. Some are easier to adjust than
others but they all take a knack. Marc Duginske's books on
band saws cover set up and tracking pretty well.

As far as the blade sticking to the tire… wider stiffer
blades have enough tension in them that they want
to spring open and would pull themselves off tires.
Thinner, lighter gauge blades may not. Your tires
could be loaded with pitch from soft woods.

... or the rubber could be breaking down, but I've
not seen this on a band saw tire. I have seen them
crack but not turn gummy.
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Should the width of the band saw tires not greater than the width of the wheel?
If the tire would excess on the wheel rim , you can just trim the tire .
Get tires that are made to fit your saw's wheels. If the tires you find are wider than the wheels, they are the wrong tires. If your saw's tires were originally crowned they cannot be trimmed. Tires that are flat could be trimmed, but if you don't do a good job of trimming you will ruin the tires and cause them to wear prematurely.
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