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Bandsaw blade speed

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What is a good average speed for a 10" band saw? I purchased an older delta bench top that had a 1/8 hp motor that bogged down while cutting 1/2 plywood. I replaced it with a 1/2 hp and it cuts right through a 4×4, but the speed seems a little fast. I calculated the current speed of the 10" wheel at 560 rpm.
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I Googled Bandsaw blade speeds and got a slew of answers…such as .

Hope this suggestion helps.
Usually the optimal speed is stated by the blade manufacturer and is expressed in SFPM (surface feet per minute).

Where the motors identical except for horse power?
Well since I posted this, I found that the motor I replaced it with was also bad. Only worked sometimes and the rubber on the tires needs to be replaced anyway. Long story short I e-mailed Delta and they were able to provide me with a part # for replacement tires. Thats as far as I got before other projects took priority.

Maybe Santa will deliver me some tires and a motor. Or maybe a new 14" bandsaw, or maybe….....LOL

Thank for responding.
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