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Bandsaw Blade Recommendations

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Hi Everyone

I'm looking for a blade for my 10 inch 2 speed bandsaw. The material I'm cutting is a combination of oak, maple, and tiger wood. I'm making a jewelry box(bandsaw box) from this. The total cutting thickness with all boards glued together is just over 6 inches. ( attachment of pic of box design).

The outside design of box would not be a problem with the 3/16" or 1/4"blades I have if they had fewer TPI count. However the real problem would be cutting the drawers. So, from looking at my requirements I need, all suggestions show I should get a 2-3 TPI, Raker or semi-Raker, Skip or Hook tooth, .020 guage blade.

The problem is I can't seem to find all those requirements for the 72" blade I need.

Has anyone worked with this thick of wood on their bandsaw, and making 3/8" radius corners?
Any feedback would be helpful.
Thank you.
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Didn't look for your blade specifically but try these folks. They are the supplier for the name brand folks like Woodslicer.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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