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band saw: king or Ridgid

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I have been looking at this rigid band saw at hd for a while now. I have the space for it but i have herd some things that have me worried such issues are the wheels being out of alignment and the belts not being very any good i really dont want to buy a new tool and end up with a money pit in my shop. i used a friends king 14in band saw and it was a pretty good tool i dont think it was tuned the best. what is it i should be woried about with a band saw??
Adam Thorpe Pickering
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Google this: Rigid band saw reviews
Lots of reviews on the band saw, including on this site. Whatever brand you buy, be sure to also buy the Band Saw Hand Book by Mark Duginske.
i have the ridgid and i like it but its probably not the best choice knowing what i know now i would have probably gotten something different. ive heard good things about grizzlys 14" model for not much more $ then the ridgid. ive never heard of king
I agree take a look at Grizzly. My son has one and loves it, when I replace the one I have now it will be a Grizzly.
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