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Well after much deliberation and back-and-forth between several companies and their tech departments, I decided to purchase the Baileigh TS-1040P-30 professional cabinet saw. Let me assure you, I did not "settle" on the decision to buy this saw and before the masses try to tell me this is a Grizzly with different stickers, I want to put that to rest. I did extensive research on available brands based on what I was looking for in a saw and I purchased this one with the upmost condidence knowing it will surpass my lofty expectations. I can't wait to get it and post pictures here as well as my initial thoughts on the saw and its setup. Please keep posted…… I could go in to great detail here about what I derived from my many phone calls, however I'll leave that to my formal review of the saw. I never cast negative light on other companies so my review will only highlight the pros/cons of the Bailiegh saw and how I believe paying a few more dollars for this saw is justified. I fall on the side of many woodworkers who are intrigued by Baileigh Industrial but can't seem to find legitimate information/reviews online of their relatively new woodworking lineup. If all goes well, I will definately be replacing other machines in my shop with Baileigh tools. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and probably a heated discussion or two. Happy woodworking to all….Crickett
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I to have checked out there wares a time or two. Can't wait to follow this thread.
It just amazes me that someone can buy a tool and as soon as they get it set up….boom….."here's my review"...Why not use the thing for 6 months, THEN come tell everyone what you think. That would truly help others more than a premature review.
I plan on this being more of an ongoing review (might even start a video channel on Youtube). My initial review will be more of a first impressions type of thing and a first-hand look at the fit/finish of the machine, accesories, and it's ease of setup. I will be using the saw immediately as I did buy it for a large current project, but yes you are correct that 6 months is a good amount of time to make sure everything holds up. Can't wait to give my two cents…
Congratulations on being able to purchase a new Baileigh cabinet saw.
I won the last Baileigh contest and chose two machines. One was a lathe and the other was a mortising machine. I have been using both for several months now and am very happy with both. I have been working on a chest with cedar lining since October of last year and in between projects have used both machines with good results. To be fair, I will do a separate review of what I got pretty soon; but so far so very good.
I have the Baileigh JP1250 Jointer/Planer combo machine and I have been very happy with the quality of the machine. I think you will not be disappointed in your choice of Baileigh.
First of all congrats. I'm not in either camp, I struggle with the similarities. I wish I had the money to buy one of each tool and do a tear down, from top to bottom. I just want to see if they are twins or if there are subtle differences you just can't see in the pix.
Hope your new saw works out well for you, looks decent for the money. Try to stay dry, April has finally shown up here in NE Ohio!
Congrats….either way, you've got a great saw. Since I'm among those under the impression that this saw comes from the same factory as some others, I'd be very interested to hear what the differences truly are between the Baleigh, Grizzly 0690, Shop Fox W1819, etc.
According to Baileigh, their products must meet their specification not Grizzly or other similar products.
Unless Baileigh is going to document those specifications in relation to the other machines made in the same factory, and then unless there's independent verification that they meet those specifications, I'd be skeptical and treat it as just marketing-speak.
I do not know about Baileigh TS, but know their mini lathe that looks same as Grizzly mini, specs were a lot different. At the time their lathe was on sale and much better buy than Grizzly.

You can go to their web site, read the specs and see if there is any difference.
I would suspect that all these machines come out of the same factories in China, but the differences may lie in the amount of inspection permitted; the machines with the highest specification requirement (costlier) would get the most inspection. Based on that assumption, Baileigh would be a higher quality machine than a Grizzly.
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Well here she is, it arrived in 2 days!! I can't wait to get this home tonight and tear into it. From first glance, it's extremely well packed and solidly bolted to the skid, and no visual damage in shipping.

MrRon: I believe you are correct regarding spec requirements and the QA tollerances that each company expects from the manufacturer. To me, it's the little things are not visible from a website. As I mentioned before, I spent a considerable amount of time in speaking with the tech department to make sure this was the right saw for me. You certainly get what you pay, but more importantly, you don't get what you don't pay for.
SkateFriday: A reputable company like Baileigh would never call out other manufacturers on their website and by saying they go above and beyond "XYZ Company…...". The first lesson I learned as a salesman when I began my career was to never bad mouth a competitor - if your product is solid and you're confident in the company's support measures, than that will speak for itself and drive sales. Given Baileighs pedigree in the metal machinery industry, I know that they will make exceptional woodworking machinery and I can't wait to put this through its paces.


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Kind of like being a kid on Christmas morning again, isn't it?
Good luck with your latest toy ER Machine tool,LOL .Anyway I know what it's like to get a couple of big boxes(although as said many time most things I buy are used industrial machinery)I hope you have great fun opening it, building it together and using, keep well Kindest regards. Alistair
OHtimberwolf, no I purchased the saw directly from Baileigh Industrial - see the link below. I don't believe they sell through channels so they're able to keep their prices down. Definately give them a hard look for your next tool purchase.
Baileigh Industrial
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