Delta - X5 3hp Shaper (Rating: 1)

I have used this shaper for a little less than a year at work. The fence came in and it wasn't straight, but when I noticed how the fence assembly was engineered I realized that was pretty much impossible. If you somehow have a different experience let me know.
So we've had this shaper for a little less than a year and we hardly use it because it's a pain to set up (fence not being straight). Anyway so all out of nowhere the shaper starts to vibrate like crazy when we used it and then the motor started shooting sparks everywhere.
Found out the motor rotor had been bent and was rubbing against the outside coils. Pretty messy.

Anyway, delta wouldn't cover it so we had to buy a new motor.

Other than these problems I didn't like how the reverse direction switch is inside the cabinet below. So it has an off/on switch on the outside and then you can open the hatch on the cabinet to choose the direction on a little switch on the motor.

In my personal shop I've stayed away from Delta. It seems that someone else always makes a better product for less money now. I heard they used to be good, what happened?